Commonly Confused Words in the Wedding Industry (and a free download!)

Are you a wedding planner, photographer, calligrapher, venue owner, videographer, DJ, or one of the many other professionals in the wedding industry? As a wedding photographer myself, I know how much writing you need to do for your business, and it can certainly be overwhelming!

Maybe some of the copy items on your to-do list are:

  • Social media posts
  • Newsletters
  • Weekly emails
  • Email templates
  • Blog posts
  • Course workbooks
  • Free resources for clients or other planners, photographers, videographers, etc.

Writing can take up so much of your time and it’s not even the main part of your job! I understand how overwhelming writing can be for creative small business owners, so I’m excited to be sharing a free download for wedding professionals that will help you with your writing.

There are may commonly confused words in the English language, and quite a few of those are words that we wedding professionals use on a regular basis. I have created a cheat-sheet that you can download to save time in your writing and to ensure your clients continually gain confidence in you as they read your work!

Gone are the days of trying to remember if “aisle” or “isle” is the right version to use, or if you need to say “sneak peak” or “sneak peek” (it’s “sneak peek” in case you doubted yourself for a second!) when sharing an image from the wedding day.

Download your free cheat-sheet today and elevate the copy on your website, emails, social media, and more—click the image below!

Are you looking to save time in your writing, reduce the number of errors in your copy, or even to get back hours of your life that you used to spend writing? If any of those resonated with you, send an email to for a free consultation on one of your projects!

Are you a wedding professional looking for some ideas for your blog? Check out this post and free download with 36 ideas for your blog that will help you attract your next client!

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