One Small Change You Can Make TODAY for a More Inclusive Wedding Business

First off, I want to thank Iris Mannings of Iris Mannings Photography for sharing the images in this post! Iris is an extremely talented wedding photographer and you should go check her out ASAP!

Photos by Iris Mannings Photography


In June 2015, the US Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage. This is a HUGE step toward marriage equality for LGBTQ+ couples, but we do still have some ways to go.

For the most part, I’ve found that the wedding vendors I work with would love to book more LGBTQ+ couples, but they just don’t get the inquiries.

There are many aspects that go into booking more LGBTQ+ clients, including having a portfolio full of images of same-sex couples, whether it be a wedding, engagement session, or styled shoot. If you’re a wedding photographer hoping to book more LGBTQ+ clients, I’d recommend reaching out to friends to see if someone would be interested in a free session with you. You could also try to partner with other vendors—such as florists, planners, or hair and makeup artists—who also want to book more LGBTQ+ clients to provide a mini styled shoot! Whether the couple is dating, engaged, or already married, I’m sure they would be honored to know that you’re interested in documenting their love story!

While you’re working to curate your portfolio so it includes more couples in the LGBTQ+ community, here’s one EASY change you can make TODAY to make your COPY more inclusive:

Photo by Iris Mannings Photography


While the term “bridal party” is used widely throughout the wedding industry, the term is a little outdated because there isn’t always a bride at the wedding!

In a lot of education, especially for photographers, the term “bridal party” is used commonly, so any templates or guides that you buy might use that term. Using the term “bridal party” is certainly a habit that I fall into from time to time while second shooting on a wedding day. For the most part, your heterosexual couples won’t notice or care when you use the term. But in the spirit of inclusivity and advocacy for same-sex couples, try to use the term “wedding party” a bit more!

If you’re interested in booking more LGBTQ+ clients, take a look at all of your client resources (email templates, pricing guides, questionnaires, etc.) and your website, and see if there are places you can use the term “wedding party” instead!

Photo by Iris Mannings Photography

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